Sunday, February 25, 2007

The 70th birthday party

Alex's Mom turned 70 this week and yesterday was her big birthday party. The house was filled with people, the table was almost breaking from the weight of the food, and there were so many flowers, Joan could probably start a greenhouse!

joan and her cakeYummy carrot cake!

auntie shannon and trey
Trey, my soon-to-be nephew was there and has apparently decided that soon-to-be aunt is good enough and I've been permanently renamed Auntie Shannon.

trey and grandmaTrey and his grandma

The afternoon was a lot of fun. It was a bit overwhelming meeting ALL those people I didn't know. I guess that must be what it's like for Alex to meet my (tiny) family...they all know who you are, but you might not know who they are...and there's always a test at the end!

Last weekend we went over to celebrate a little early with her as we weren't able to visit on her birthday.

joan's new butterfly scarfA pretty new scarf...

over the moon chocolatesand what birthday wouldn't be complete without Over the Moon Chocolates?

mmmm...chocolatemmmm...yummy chocolates!!

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