Friday, February 09, 2007

Smells like chlorine

That is, I smell like chlorine.

I went to the pool for my 10 minutes of swimming and 20 minutes of hot tubbing this afternoon. In 10 minutes I managed to swim four whole lengths...sigh...I used to swim much faster; I used to get to swim in the moderate lane.

But my pathetic 600m/hour swimming rate was faster than at least one person in the slow lane. I actually passed her. So I wasn't the *slowest* person in the pool.

After 10 minutes in the pool I was pooped, so I hobbled off to the hot tub. I only managed 10's so warm in there. I think next time I might start with 10 minutes in the hot tub, then swim for 10 minutes, then have 10 more minutes in the hot tub.

After my little swim, I stopped by my office to say hello and catch a ride home with a colleague.

And now it's the weekend...not that days of the week mean anything to me anymore, but it's still the weekend which means Alex will be home for two days!

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