Friday, February 16, 2007

New furniture

Last weekend, my aunt and uncle brought us a "new" piece of furniture. We thought it would be a great place to hide the wool I've been stashing (a.k.a. stash) in a variety of places in the house.

pretty stash on display
Doesn't the wool look just so pretty sitting there in the rather large cubby hole?

I thought so...but then I discovered two things...
  1. I have more wool than I thought
  2. The cubby is really really deep, so the wool behind the wool at the front is impossible to see and hard to get at...which means I'll forget it's there and just keep adding to the stash... to fix this problem? Well, there are two huge drawers and what do you know, the yarn fit in them so well...the large hanks actually stand up in them and I can see pretty much everything...

wool in drawers
I also found I had a bunch of bits of yarn leftover from projects, so I rolled all of them and they live in the knitting basket. Rolling yarn takes FOREVER...thank goodness for DVDs!

leftover rolled yarn
My current projects (of which there are only four this week) and needles and things live in the knitting bag...

knitting bag
Except for this project, which will be a wedding present for Christy and Rob, but it's too big for the knitting bag, so it's got a corner and bag of its own.

christy ad rob's wedding gift
The other knitting basket, which has a lid and doubles as a side table has knitting books, finished projects that don't have a home yet, and UFOs in it (that is, UnFinished Objects) that might one day come out to be finished.

So now, our new furniture is set up and arranged and organized and our living room feels more like a living room than it ever did! (the UFO basket is in the front part of the picture)

living room with new furniture


  1. HOLY! Who knoew you had THAT much wool! That's crazy!

  2. Ahhh...I didn't know I had THAT much wool either! It's a good thing you gave me all those needles!