Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Twins...

But not the usual twins I write about. The twins who had a party last night are my Dad's cousins, Raymond and Richard, and they're a bit older than "my" twins.

the 'other' twins
A bunch of us descended on Christopher's place in False Creek to drink wine, inhale Indian food and eat delicious, if funny looking birthday cake...

denture cake
Ray is a dentist and there were a number of denture jokes to go along with this birthday party...not just the Pac Man cakes with dentures, but at least one card came complete with a denture grin (and without even knowing about the Pac Man cakes!)

The party was also a chance to give the happy travellers a send off. My world traveller parents, Ray and his wife and four other couples left wintry Vancouver today for two weeks in the jungles and on the beaches of Belize.

We also got to met the newest addition to the Trail Zinio family tree, Cash.

shannon and cash
He didn't look this stunned all night...just sometimes...but can you blame him, there were a lot of noisy (Italian) people around!

cash alex and shannonCash, Alex and Shannon

And Cash really liked his itty bitty toque - even though it was nice and warm inside.

cash, alyssa and the itty bitty toqueCash and his Mom, Alyssa

There was a bit of a return to childhood late in the evening when Andrea and Alyssa played airplane with some cake...

What a fun evening! Alex managed to survive yet another "attack" by the family and seemed to enjoy himself in the process.


  1. cute baby!

    those twins are WAAAAY older!

    you look great! your hair is getting so long!

    see you soon!

  2. isn't that baby soooooooo cute....

    You're right, those twins are more than twice your age...

    I can't believe how quickly my hair has grown...maybe you just notice it more when it gets to a certain length?!?!

    see you super soon...

  3. i second punk, you do look great!

  4. why thanks! I am beginning to feel human again...I guess it's showing!