Thursday, February 08, 2007

And now for the hardest part so far

For the last two-plus months, my Mom (or Kelsey or my Mom, Dad, Kelsey and Rebecca) has been around to help me and Alex with all the things that have come up because of my injury. For most of the last month, my Mom has been here during the week, usually going home on weekends when Alex doesn't have to work and can help me out. She has been a great help and I don't know how we would have coped without her!

This morning she packed up and went home...this time for good. Minutes before she left she was doing one final load of laundry, one final sinkful of dishes, and some scrubbing. Now I have to do the cooking on my own, a task that is still a bit more difficult that I'd like it to be because I am not quite at the point where I can get dishes in and out of the oven. Alex will be doing the grocery shopping until I can actually lift the bags...I am great at filling the cart up though!

It's scary to think I'm alone (if you're in the area, stop by for tea...I'll be here and I love having visitors) really for the first time since I fell...and somehow that's scarier to me that the initial injury was...

But the hardest part is going out and about on my own. Twice this week I've walked over to the physiotherapist on my own, but I haven't ventured far from my own neighbourhood. Tomorrow I will be braving the bus to go to the pool for some swimming on my own...all scary stuff...the other hard thing (apart from now being alone all day when I'm used to having people around all the time) is getting out for walks...enter the timer, the ever useful timer...when the timer rings, it means it's time to wander around the block...but as hard as all this is, it does mean that I'm getting better, and I'm so happy about that!


  1. hey! i'm coming in march! and hopefully i can stay for longer than just the weekend! i'll come over whenever i have time to while i'm on the island!

  2. Yay punk visits! Alex and I like it when you come to visit...come as often as you want - the spare room will be waiting for you!!!

    We can go to plenty and have coffee and stuff...(oh and bring your bathing suit and you can go swimming with then I might be up to 20 minutes in the water!!)

  3. Hey Punk - when in March will you be around? I'm SMing a show mid march - you should check it out. It's a satirical rockabilly musical.

  4. well, i'll be coming for the first weekend of march for sure, with the possibility of returning again for a weekend later on. it kind of depends on a show that i'm doing and whether they get a proper schedule together...yikes!

    rockabilly musical = awesome! hope i can make it!!

  5. Hey Nanny! Sounds like you've left the nest! Scary stuff...I promise I will try to come over...D and I are so bad at managing time these days..shesh..

  6. oooh...I feel special, Heddy checked my blog on a not-Saturday! ;) Come visit sometime - we'd love to see you (and D too!) Visitors are good...have I mentioned that?