Sunday, February 11, 2007

Doing the Saturday night thing

Life is getting back to normal! We actually left the house and not to get groceries, go to the physio or go swimming...we left the house twice yesterday! I got to go to my class in the morning while lucky Alex visited the dentist.

But last night we had a real Saturday night...

We went for sushi at the place where they know us and knew we hadn't been to see them for a long almost three months. That's a long time to go without sushi...I know, cause I haven't had any since we were there last and it was certainly back in November.

Then, because boys have big appetites and a certain gentleman named Alex knows I love ice cream, we went to DQ...

THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISMENT...I just like pictures of ice cream.

blizzardyummy blizzards (check out the reflection in the windown in the upper right corner...see below for more about that)

We also went there because until the same guy named Alex does something about our lack of cable, our wonderful new TV is only good for watching movies, not that I'm complaining about that...

Anyway, our DQ has a TV.

tv at dq
And they show Canucks games.

And the Canucks won? Wow, we should go to DQ more often...

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