Monday, February 05, 2007

Today we bid two more pieces of equipment farewell...

Gone is the bath bench, providing I am able to take a shower unassisted tomorrow...which I sure hope I can do...I miss taking a shower (don't worry, I don't stink, that's what the silly bath bench is for!)

And the cane is being phased out. It is only to be used if absolutely necessary to avoid jostling in crowds, like on the bus.

And I get to go swimming. Okay, so it's only for ten minutes at a time right now, but it's a start. And the swimming pool has a hot tub and I'm supposed to use that for about twenty minutes each time I swim. And I can go to the gym, but only if I stick to the track and stick to walking. No machines, no weights. And I can lift the water jug and milk jug but not much else. Finally, I fell like we're making some progress. I know I was making progress before, but this feels more real somehow.

Soon, very soon, I hope I shall be also returning to my job and my office near the ocean and real life. My Mom has very kindly returned for four more days of taking care of me, vacuuming and other stuff, but after Friday, that's it. She's got to go back to her life. So, Alex and I will be devising a new schedule for food and walks and grocery shopping and cooking.

And I'm sure you loyal readers will be very glad when I STOP TALKING ABOUT MY BACK...unfortunately there's not much else in my life right now...

Although, Alex was away this weekend, so I had to go get "babysat" by my aunt and uncle. I had an adventure navigating public transit on my own and then we played a great card/board game called the Settlers of Catan (click on Catan on the left) that night. It's all about strategy and somehow, on my first attempt at the game, I managed to beat my uncle who had announced at dinner that he was going to kick everyone's butt! Definitely something to invest in when it's time to buy our next game!

Okay, so I guess I can still talk about something that's not my back!!!

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