Monday, February 12, 2007

Divided loyalties

pacific coliseum
Well, not really, but apparently I should have been facing a greater dilemma than I was last night.

Alex and I got tickets to see the Vancouver Giants lose to play the Kelowna Rockets. Being from Kelowna, I feel like I should be cheering for the Rockets, but Alex insists that you *always* cheer for the team from the town where you're living. I know there are a lot of Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montréal fans out there who live in Vancouver and certainly do NOT cheer for the Vancouver I don't feel bad cheering for the Rockets.

Alex claims that if we ever move to Kelowna, he will immediate switch sisters aim to hold him to that - they bought him a Rockets toque and t-shirt for Christmas. If we ever do make it to Kelowna, I will have to present him with his VERY OWN Rockets Jersey!

Anyway, Vancouver slaughtered Kelowna 7-0 last night...Kelowna was super slow, but when I talked to my Mom (Rocket's seasons tickets holder) later she said Kelowna had played three games in three nights - Friday and Sunday on the road. That's a lot of bus riding the past few days...

giants and rockets
We had fun. Alex was happy his Giants won AND because they scored more than six goals, we got coupons for free appetizers at White Spot...And the really fast hockey players, well they skated right off this page and landed over there!

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