Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Whoa...negative grouch...

Yes, that's me I'm referring to.

I deleted what I just wrote, because, wow, who needs to read that...someone obviously isn't having a great day and definitely was focusing on the bad things...good things must have happened to me today. A wise woman once told me that when someone tells her they had a bad day, she figures either everyone they ever loved has died, their house burnt down, they lost their job, they were diagnosed with a terminal illness, their car was towed etc etc etc all in the same day...OR...they just look at one or two bad events or moments and that makes the ENTIRE day bad. Days can be stressful or difficult, but she figured it must be really hard to have an entirely bad'm going to look at the grumpy, bad moments as just moments and look for some good moments in today (which is still not over yet because it's just after 3:00!)
  • Finding a long, unopened email from Louise in my inbox that somehow I missed when it arrived on Sunday (and I missed it again on Monday and Tuesday...must be blind)...oh well, email from friends are great!
  • Hearing the mail come clunking through the mail slot and finding a letter from Kristine
  • Getting my T4 (yes, this is a good thing...) and my RRSP receipts...taxes here I come!
  • Touching all the pretty wool* in the very expensive wool* shop where I will never be able to shop because I don't have a platinum credit card and a third mortgage on my house, because that's the kind of $$ it takes to shop there. But you can touch the wool* for free.
  • The sun's out...
  • The curtains are half done...two down, two to go.
  • Five days of no work and then back to the grind!!! Well, part time and partly from home to start, but it's a good start!
  • MMMM....lunch....salad and tuna and pita and cheese...mmmm....
There we go, lots of good stuff happened today...maybe I'm not so miserable!

*By wool, I really mean yarn because not all of it was wool, but that's okay.

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