Friday, January 28, 2011

Flavoured yogurt

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So I didn't actually use a recipe to make this, but I'm counting it anyway since I've never made it before.

J loves yogurt, especially flavoured yogurt. She'd eat it all day if I let her. But the amount of sugar bugged me. A lot. Some brands are better than others - they use sugar not corn syrup, but I still wasn't happy. And I wasn't sure what to do about it.

Hello? Shannon? Make it yourself.

Oh yeah. That's a good idea....

J was very excited to help - it's fun to dump things into the blender and press the buttons...although, note to self, ALWAYS plug the blender in AFTER putting the lid on. And ALWAYS unplug the blender BEFORE taking the lid off. We didn't have a yogurt-covered-ceiling disaster, but I certainly saw the potential for that!

fruit to make yogurt

We used a good quality plain yogurt - just milk, cream and bacterial cultures. We added 1/2 tsp of vanilla, 1 banana and about 2 cups of frozen fruit (a mix of peaches, mangoes, and strawberries). We added a drizzle of honey and then J pressed the crush ice button.

Yummy! She's so proud of herself...telling me over and over that she made yogurt last night.

fruity yogurt
It's so good! And not too sweet. I think next time I'd strain the yogurt first and maybe add one more banana and probably skip the vanilla...or at least reduce it. One 750g carton of yogurt made about 1250g of yogurt (otherwise known as one container of plain yogurt made one and two thirds containers of flavoured yogurt)

Blueberry and raspberry are our next experiments.


  1. Now I challenge you to make your own yogurt.

    That looks delicious, I find getting plain yogurt to taste good enough for the kids to be a challenge. I had never thought adding vanilla.


  2. I might just try it...remember the homemade yogurt at the Chalet? It was soooo good!

    J loved adding the stuff to the blender and pushing the buttons. And it's not really very sweet at all...the honey with the vanilla takes the sour edge off...but too much vanilla and not enough sweetness makes yogurt taste kind of gross...I know, we tried it!