Friday, February 11, 2011

52 weeks to get organized?

Okay, so I found this great organizing blog, I'm an Organizing Junkie, and I've been reading it when I have a chance for a few weeks. Apparently I haven't been checking it on Fridays, because on Fridays Laura (the blogger) is doing a 52 week organizing challenge. Laura has written a book on organizing called Clutter Rehab and as soon as I locate my library card, I'm putting a hold on the book.

Anyway, I've decide to use this challenge to help get our house organized to the point where I'm happy with it!

There is a template for your 52 tasks here and I've printed one and will be sticking it in a prominent place in our kitchen - probably taped inside one of the cabinets. That seems to work for me. I have to open the cabinets at least once a day to get stuff out, so it's a good reminder.

I'll also post the list under a new tab up top - I like that she suggests small tasks. I think that's my biggest problem - I look at a whole task instead of breaking it up into parts. Like J's closet. It's been used as storage for boxes we have never unpacked since she was just a few months old, but I've been putting off tackling it because I'm looking at it as an ENTIRE closet, not eight or ten projects of 2-3 boxes each.

My friend Melynda and I are working together to reach our health goals. On Monday we email each other with our goals for the coming week and to update how the weekend went and we check in on Thursdays plus if one of us (or both of us) is struggling or asks for reminders to do certain things, we do that too. It's working well for me because I have to be accountable to someone. If I don't stick to a plan I've made or I don't reach a goal, I find I'm calling myself on it - Melynda's keeping me honest!

Anyway, that ramble isn't totally off topic - I think if I make my organizing goals public, I'll be more likely to do them than if I just make myself a little list and tell Alex I'm going to do it...

Anyone have any great organizing resources or blogs they want to share???


  1. I kind of love you for finding this. Just sayin' :)

  2. This is great! I am going to try it too!

    Thank you for helping me too!

  3. :) Anything for you guys! I'm excited to get started on some of the stuff on my list...