Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 2: Follow the organizing PROCESS

I'm kind of moving quickly through these, but I want to get caught here's week two of the 52 week challenge...

Photobucket makes sense to follow a process to organize, especially one like this one from I'm an Organizing Junkie.

Plan your attack
Remove items from the space
Organize stuff into piles, sort & purge
Evaluate your plan
Solve and simplify
Smile, relax and enjoy your hard work

There is more about using PROCESS here.

I'm really good at jumping right in and ending up with OCG - Organize, Containerize, Get Fed Up and GIVE UP. Not exactly useful when you're trying to organize. Actually, it's kind of counterproductive. I often end up with MORE stuff to organize because I don't follow this model.

So, I'm going to try it...we'll see how it goes...if it works, awesome - it will be my friend as I work my way through this challenge!

Week two questions:

1. What did you organize this past week?

Besides my wallet? I organized my thought process around work...I think that counts. Without getting into too many details, a year ago my job changed without warning. I figure I'm lucky I still had a job and I really like my new boss (my old boss was awesome too!) We're working on a rather large project that was a little slow out of the gate...we had to wait for approval of the work plan before we could start and it wasn't as simple as a nod from the next person up the food chain. The delays in starting meant delays in the progress and there were a number of times when I was going a bit batty, alone in my office with nothing to work on. I'd finished my to-do lists and anything that was pending was waiting for action by someone else before I could move ahead with it.

Since Christmas that has changed. I'm busy again. But it was a sudden change. As in one Friday everything was molasses like and on Monday morning when I walked in the door the energy had changed and we were in the middle of a whirlwind. Well, sort of. Anyway, my brain and my body have had a hard time adjusting to the new, normal, work load...think brain fog and tiredness. I know it's just a matter of getting used to it again, and I am now, but I had to go through a complete transformation of my thought process when approaching work. It's now not as simple as making a to-do list and finishing it by the end of the day. Things have priority. Things might get carried forward indefinitely. Things might need to be done five minutes ago. My poor brain was having trouble coping and I started relying heavily on a strong dose of procrastination.

But I organized my work brain. I made lists. I created a template. Now I make a list of what I need to do the next day either before I leave the office (if there is time...there often isn't) or before I go to bed. That means I don't fret about it. I don't dream about it. And I don't waste time in the morning making my list. Because if I do it before I leave for the day, I have a deadline. I have to pick J up. And if I do it before I go to bed, I want to sleep.

It's working! YAY!

2. Did you have any difficulties with it? Stumbling blocks? Major breakthroughs?
See above - major breakthrough=it's working!

3. If you are reading my book, Clutter Rehab, were you able to put any of the organizing tips into practice this past week?
I wish I was reading it...I'm #5 in the queue for it at the library...maybe I'll have it in my hot little hands soon!

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  1. Ok, you have gotten me hooked...I am going to continue organizing and I might even make a book.