Monday, February 07, 2011

Changing our internet habits...

So, we've been trying to change our internet habits lately. The internet is a big time suck for both of us. Sometimes I set the timer for myself and that usually works, but it's so easy to say "I'm just going to check my email quickly/pay a bill/check something" and then it turns into three hours of lost time.

We've been doing well. We hardly use the computer on the weekend and our weekends are so much more fun now!

But there's a little problem with not checking the internet least for me. It's my Google Reader. I haven't been on the computer since sometime on Friday afternoon.

I have 491 unread items.


In three days.


You think I'd learn.

I used to have around 60 each morning and I'd check three or four times throughout the day and there would be maybe 10-15 each time. Most of the blogs I was reading were in the eastern time zone and apparently lots of people blog first thing in the morning.

But I use my Google Reader as a storage place for blogs that I thought were interesting once or that someone else suggested. And over time it grew and grew and grew.

And then I really intelligently checked out the finalists for the 2011 Bloggies. And checked out all the other blogs on Kath Eats Real Food. Not so smart. 491 posts.

I'm not entirely stupid about blogs though. I filed mine into folders. Which means I can select an entire folder and mark it read. And I've been known to do that. to manage my Google Reader and then to bed...


  1. I just spent 2 hours on Kath Eats... um, I think I may have a problem ;)

    (I am glad I did though because her organization tips will come in handy for the move next week! eeeeeee! I'm freakin out man..)

  2. She's pretty cool huh! There are some good links to some Vegan blogs I noticed (have you seen Oh She Glows) and I also really like Eat Live Run.