Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 4: Making Decisions

I totally need help making decisions. I'm terrified I'm going to decide to toss something that we might actually need...


But I'm getting better at tossing stuff. A while ago I read something somewhere (I have no idea where) about how to toss stuff and it included asking yourself if there was a fire, is it something that you would either replace immediately or be devastated that you couldn't replace it? If you answer yes, then it's worth keeping. Obviously this question is for when you're having trouble making a decision...there are some things that go without questions.

The questions from Org Junkie website are definitely useful...I've written them on a scrap of paper and I take them with me when it's time to organize.

1. Can I afford, in terms of space, to keep this item?
2. Could the space that this item takes up be put to better use?
3. What am I saying NO to in order to say YES to this item?
4. What’s the worst thing that’s going to happen if I get rid of this item?

Remember you can’t say YES to everything if your space is limited.

I'm most definitely a pack rat, but I'm getting better at getting rid of stuff. I've started really looking at why I'm keeping stuff. FlyLady has a good list (number 6) of questions too. The one I've found most useful is the last one - does it give me guilt and make me sad when I see the item? The number of things I've been able to toss because I answered yes to that question and knew that was not a good reason to keep it...

Week four questions:
1. Were you able to tackle one of your piles last week?
Other than the one inside the kitchen door, no. Sick kids make tidying hard. But I'm hoping this weekend might see some piles disappear!

2. Did you have to make some tough choices?
Not with the kitchen. It was really a matter of sorting and putting things away in their proper homes or tossing them. Some of the other piles on my list will be a different story though...

3. Have you had a chance to put any of the tips from my book, Clutter Rehab, into practice yet?

I wish. I'm still waiting for my turn at the library. Although I might cave and visit the bookstore. I have a few more books that I can toss, so one in three out might be okay...but the book wouldn't count for my book challenge...oh the choices!


  1. Here is how I am currently sorting~
    1) if I had to bug-out, would I take it?
    2) have I used it in the last year?
    3) am I absolutely positive I will use it in the next year?

  2. Those are great questions too...I might have to expand my list!