Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 3: Identify the piles

Piles. Oh yes, I have piles. I am a pile maker.


There are piles in the kitchen (well, there aren't right now because I got rid of the junk, but I haven't posted that yet) There are piles in the living room. There are piles in our bedroom. There are piles in our bathroom. Amazingly the dining room table is currently pile free, but it's often covered in piles.

Not stuff. Piles. Piles that are usually well sorted and organized but I haven't got them to where they need to go. I need to work on finishing one project before moving on to the next (I've added that to my list)

The only spaces that are almost always pile free are J's room and bathroom. Sometimes her laundry gets dumped on the top of the dresser, but that's usually because she's sleeping when I'm done folding and I don't want to wake her by banging drawers open and closed. I tend to get it sorted into the drawers pretty quickly after she wakes up so that she doesn't, very helpfully, refold everything for me.

Week three questions.

1. What areas did you organize this week?

The evil area just inside the kitchen door. By default my work email got entirely sorted out, filed, and purged as necessary...I guess being home with a sick kid does have its benefits.

2. Where you happy with what you accomplished or disappointed? Explain.
I am happy with both...the kitchen looks so much better and I'm not feeling overwhelmed by my work email anymore! I would have liked to get a few more things done in the evenings, but with a sick kid Monday - Wednesday, a swimming pool night on Thursday, and family in town last night, there just wasn't time or energy.

3. What types of piles would you like to get under control?
ALL of them! Paper. Clothing. Random stuff.

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