Friday, February 04, 2011

Mommy, I am disappointed

I know I've mentioned it before, and I'm sure I'll mention it again, but I LOVE J's daycare. One of the things they've worked hard on with the kids is teaching them to express their emotions. So J will tell us she's cranky or disappointed or frustrated. And she'll ask if we're happy, unhappy, disappointed, or frustrated. She won't ask if we're cranky or grouchy though; she just points that out.

As all two year olds do, she still has melt downs and tantrums, but now that she knows the words to use to tell us WHY, it's much easier to deal with.

Last night we left the house right after dinner intending to go to the pool with Fifers. We picked her up and drove to the pool and parked the car. And J was so excited she could barely contain herself.

Except then we left.

Because some kid had a little accident in the pool and it had to be disinfected. So it was closed. For at least an hour.

So we went to Fifers house where J was alternately scared and fascinated by the cats. And she got to draw with the most awesome crayons ever (that F has had forever. I remember them from when we were kids). And she got to eat two whole yummy muffins. And she had a great time. And she chattered away all the way home.

And then she remembered why we were at the black puppy the black kitty Stella's house in the first place. Because the pool was closed.

So she asked a few times why the (alternating) little boy/little girl didn't use the potty or their diaper to go poo. And why their mommy and daddy didn't tell them it wasn't nice to go poo in the pool. And when could we go back soon because she wants to go swimming. And why didn't that kid use the potty because she was a little bit sad and disappointed.

Thank goodness for daycare!

We sure seem to have bad luck with the pool and accidents! That particular pool is new and we've been trying to go for a while, so we'll try to go again in a couple of weeks (it's closed for maintenance next week and the week after) and hopefully then J won't be disappointed!

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