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Guest Post: Letting Yourself Go

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Melynda wrote a series of guest posts about pregnancy and weight loss and weight gain when she was pregnant with her third daughter. Four months have passed and Melynda has agreed to write some follow up posts about getting fit again.

'Letting yourself go' is a phrase I have often heard that refers to a woman…usually a mom…who has stopped doing her make up, wearing nice fashionable clothes and doing her hair more than putting a brush through it. If you have ever watched 'What Not to Wear' you know the type of person I am referring too. There was a time that I couldn’t understand why those women would do that to themselves....but then I became a mom....and then a mom with three children and a business to run....

I have never been one to wear much make up or wear nice clothes every day. I love rocking my yoga pants and see nothing wrong with that. Recently I have found where the slippery slope starts. For me it is lack of time and energy. Some days getting dressed doesn’t happen or not until lunch time. The other thing that takes me one step closer to letting myself go is my body. My body has changed drastically in the last 5 years. You may remember that 5 years ago I was the skinniest I had ever been for my wedding. Since then I have been pregnant and/or nursing continuously, which means major changes.

My body image is very poor and it saddens me that I can’t look in the mirror and not appreciate the amazing things it has done. That sadness distresses me and I do my best to change my thoughts in regards to myself because I want to my daughters to love themselves and I know that starts with me. I am trying to turn things around, I am trying to eat better and actually get dressed. As hard as it was I discovered that having clothes that fit, even if it is in a size that makes you cringe, helps your body image. I had to buy plus-size for the first time but I am comfortable and I look good and thus feel good. I have also bought some make up and I am trying to put it on more to feel good and so I can hide how tired I look. I am discovering that each small thing for me is a treat and makes me feel good.

Georgia was born 4 months ago. She is wonderful and a delight. Her sisters love her and would kiss her all day long. I love her and surprisingly enough…I would love to have another…I love being pregnant and giving birth that much.

For the past 4 months I have been struggling with how to lose my pregnancy weight, eat right and some days even to eat. Managing three kids has been hard but that is the one piece that I manage fairly well…it is the other things that are hard cleaning, laundry and I have stepped in to run our publishing business while my husband has gone back to work full time. So there is not a lot of ‘me’ time. I am doing a bit of a diet. I am counting my calories and focusing on high protein meals. Some days I slip and eat lots of sweets and chocolates, but I keep going. The nice thing about having my third child is I know that the sleepless nights and chaotic sleep habits will be gone soon. Things get easier every week. We are falling into a nice routine.

I am also beginning to think about exercise. I can not wait for spring when I can take the kids out for a walk. My girls also love to exercise with me and when we can, we turn the Wii on and exercise. I have also set up some support and encouragement. Shannon has been wonderful, she and I email twice a week to keep both of us on track. I have another friend who has set up a Facebook group that has been helpful.

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