Thursday, February 10, 2011

I want one...

Oh my goodness...look at the amazing Le Creuset kettle. I soooooooooooo want one. {This, by the way, is one of the blogs I discovered through Kath's blog roll}

And because I feel like I have nothing to say, I'm stealing the little list of questions too...

1. Describe yourself in 5 words

mommy, wife, sister, daughter, friend

2. What is the first thing you do upon awakening?

Hit the snooze button.

3. What is your normal daily routine?

Hit snooze a few times
Turn the stove on
Get dressed
Wake J
Turn the stove off
Convince J that we're not going anywhere until she has something to eat
Pack lunches into lunch bags (and maybe tidy the kitchen in there is time)
Help J get dressed
Brush our teeth
Drop J at daycare. DO NOT leave without reading a story and touching her hand through the window.
Breathe. It's now 8:20 (if we're lucky)
Work. Eat lunch. {Tuesday and Friday go to yoga} Work some more.
Pick J up from daycare
Stop at the grocery store. Hope the fun green truck grocery cart is available.
Go home.
Make dinner unless it's Alex's night...entertain J at the same time
Have dinner
Say goodbye to Alex
Read stories, play with play dough, cut paper into shreds, colour, start dishes
Bathe J
More stories followed by songs followed by good nights followed by a toddler singing, not sleeping
Finish/do dishes
Get lunches and dinner ready for morning
Get oatmeal ready for morning (this is why my day starts with turning the stove on)
Blog, knit, read, watch TV, do a little yoga
Sleep. It should be 10:00. But it's more likely 11:30. Which is why the first thing I'll do in the morning is hit the snooze button.

4. What are your hobbies?

Knitting, reading, blogging, playing with J

5. What do you to for relaxation?

yoga, read, write, go for a walk

6. What do you do for enjoyment?

see above plus hang out with J and Alex and my friends and family

7. Do you have a look or style?

tired mommy

8. Do you wear any identifiable jewellery?

Wedding and engagement ring

9. Which newspaper do you read?

The Globe and Mail, sometimes the Vancouver Sun

10. What's your favourite book?

I can tell you my least favourite (today). I don't know what it's called, but it's about a brother and sister fighting in the back seat of the car. It's actually pretty funny, but J has no frame of reference for sibling fights and the book distresses her. But she's obsessed. I hid it when she went to bed last night but she had to see it before breakfast. It's all she talked about.

11. Who's your favourite singer or band?

good question. I'll get back to you.

12. Whats your preference of exercise?

Walking, yoga

13. Where do you live?


14. Do you prefer the town or the country?


15. Do you like your neighbours?

The ones I know...

16. What’s your favourite food?


17. Whats your favourite drink?

Water followed by tea and coffee

18. What is your favourite treat?

Dad's cinnamon buns

19. Where do you like to go on holiday?

London, Kelowna, or somewhere we've never been

20. Do you enjoy roughing it or do you prefer your creature comforts?

If roughing it means camping, definitely! But I have a great appreciation for well-appointed hotel rooms too!

21. What place would you most like to visit?

Right now? LONDON!

22. What is your biggest fear?

Something happening to J

23. What's your biggest talent?

Somehow keeping our lives balanced

24. Whats your biggest weakness?

J when she says "Mommy, I just need a hug."

25. What annoys you the most?

Not getting to spend as much times as I'd like with Alex and J

26. Do you have any dreams or ambitions?

Dream: A house (it doesn't have to be big, just ours) with a yard and a place for a garden

27. What is your most treasured possession? (family not included)

photos and my "books" from Pax Lodge

28. Do you see wealth as a mark of success, or just as a means to an end?

not necessarily

29. Do you have a good luck charm?


30. Whats the best advice you have ever received

tomorrow's a new day

31. What would you do on the "perfect" day?

A picnic or bbq at a nice beach with family and friends

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