Monday, February 28, 2011

Clawing my way out of the chaos

How is it that you spend months getting organized and developing routines and it all falls apart after a week (or part of a week) at home with a sick kid?

My schedule is so far off, it's not even funny. To be honest, I never got on top of it when we came back from our Christmas vacation, but it was working well enough. I got to work on time. We ate decent food. We ate at dinner time, not at bed time.

But now, after missing a full 25% of work since the beginning of the month due to illness - mine or J's - we're somehow way off schedule.

Our house is still relatively clean, but not clean like I'd like it to be. Cleaning is erratic and I know that if I just FOLLOWED THE SCHEDULE it would be much better. I spent way too much time being concerned that I didn't get the bathroom done last night when I could be cleaning it now...instead of fretting about it.

I haven't made a proper meal plan in a month.

The laundry is threatening to take over our bedroom. I'm almost out of clothes to wear but I can't find any to wash because there are so many that I'm scared to start sorting. I might just get devoured by the mountain of washing and no one would notice I was missing because there's just so much of it...

But we started today off on a good note. While I didn't get lunch made or breakfast prepped last night, it didn't take long this morning, and we were out the door and at daycare at a decent hour. And I was at work pretty much on time. I had been aiming for early because I'm off to the dentist for some evil dental work this afternoon (I think I'm discovering why people are scared of the dentist. I'm a bit scared today) and I'm not sure how much that is going to impact (my already dismal) attendance at work.

The dentist told me to take it easy this afternoon, but going back to work tomorrow shouldn't be a problem. Someone I know (okay, fine, my mother) had a similar procedure done in the fall and it was three or four days before she could talk properly and for an extended period of time again and over a week before she stopped eating baby food pureed food. I'm worried about J and who's going to read her bedtime stories this week. I'm worried it's going to hurt.


I just want to have a organized, functioning home again and I want to spend five full days a week at work...

Chaos, consider this your notice, I am evicting you.

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  1. ok, let's try this again...

    It's funny how it only takes a day or two to become unorganized and usually it takes SO long to get organized again..

    I feel your pain sister!

    Phew! - oh monday