Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting my zzzzs

12. Get up every workday morning for a week without hitting the snooze button

So, after I made my list of 101 things and reorganized it so that like was (sort of) grouped with like, I sort of made some assumptions about some of my things. One of those things was this one...figured for sure it would go hand in hand with number 8 - go to bed by 10:00 every school night for a week. Yes, I still call them school nights.

But I was wrong. (And this is where you see how far behind I am in updating my list...) About three or four weeks ago my job went from snail pace to warp speed almost overnight. And as a coping mechanism I needed to get up and get out the door early. Because with a toddler I no longer have the luxury of staying late when I need to get stuff done...

So, for a whole week I got up either before my alarm or when it went off.

But I did hit the snooze button. I hit the snooze button because just in case I didn't get up right away, I needed the alarm to go off again...sleeping in would have been a disaster!

Unfortunately, now that my body and brain have adjusted to the new schedule, I am not living in panic mode, so I'm not necessarily getting up right away...darn...I thought this might be the start of a new habit.


  1. I never hit snooze. Never never never! I have found that it makes me feel better initially (yay,I can go back to sleep!) but far more sluggish when I finally do get up.

  2. I feel the same way...if I press snooze I definitely feel like I need more sleep than if I would have just gotten up with my alarm. :)

  3. I totally feel better if I just suck it up and get up, but (especially in deepest, darkest winter) if it's warm and cozy in my bed, I just don't want to get up ... I really need to start going to bed earlier! Really.