Friday, March 11, 2011

I get around to it...eventually

47. Buy a new fridge
48. Buy a new stove

So, when I say I'm going to do something, I do. Although sometimes it takes a while.

We've been talking about doing something about our kitchen for a while. At least since last May. But more likely since the day we moved in. Step one is complete (rollover alert).

So we have the new appliances. And I love them. Oh, I love them very, very much. I ended up taking part of the range hood off and deep cleaning it. I think it looks a lot better (we thought we might need to replace it, but it works...for now anyway)

Rebar has offered to help me turn the cabinets white and paint the walls. A certain uncle of mine offered his tile cutter for the back splash and a certain aunt offered that same uncle's labour for installing the back splash too (I'm not sure if he knows!).

We're getting there...

I discovered a number of things I need to toss...and rearrange. And organize. The new stove has a warming drawer in the bottom, so in the interest of using that lovely feature, I'm rearranging this weekend in hopes of finding storage for my cakes pans, muffin tins, and cooling racks...

And so, I get to cross TWO things off my 101 list!


  1. Your kitchen is so cute~ and clean!!!

  2. Thanks! I never thought of it as cute before, but I guess it is...

  3. i cannot believe the difference this makes!