Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oops...crossed one off by accident

37. Try a new recipe for dinner every night for a week

So, when I put this on my 101 in 1001 list, I figured I'd make an effort to do this. I'd sit down and meal plan my way through a bunch of new food.


It just happened. Over the course of two weeks, pretty much everything we made was a new recipe. If the week started on June 28 and ended on July 4, we tried out four new recipes over seven nights.* I'm counting that. We had leftovers two of the three other nights and were out the third (Canada Day!)...but for good measure I'll throw in July 8 as well...we were out one night unexpectedly and two nights we made use of all the leftovers, many of which were from the new recipes. So we had a span of eleven nights where two nights were dinner out and the rest of the nights were new recipes or the leftovers from said new recipes.

*Because I didn't specify no eating out during the week of new recipes, I'm counting dinner out as part of the week.

We had the following:

tuscan tuna and bean salad

salmon cakes

black bean burgers

Tomato, basil and Italian sausage fettucine (no photo because Alex made it)

white bean and basil salad
Without exception, we would make all of these meals again. I froze some of the sliders and some of the salmon cakes so that we can eat them another night when we're in a hurry or no one feels like cooking. YUM!

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