Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Across the Lake Swim, Part Eight

It's that time of year again.

Yesterday morning I got up nice and early to cheer Team Hardcore and Punk on as they once again swam with Ogopogo. This is the first year I didn't participate. I have never actually done the swim (I'm sure we all know how much I LOVE swimming), but every year that I was in town, I was in a spotter boat and last year I dragged Alex along with me.

here comes kelsey
Kelsey came across the finish line first and I almost missed her. She was easy to identify in her yellow swim cap, black bathing suit, and goggles. It was nice that no one else was dressed the same way.

here comes rebeccaRebecca emerged from the water not long after and this time I was paying better attention.

punk and team hardcoreYay girlies!

Of course, after the swim, swimmers, boaters, and spectators all need some sustenance so off we went to the Bohemian for brunch.

bo breakfast
bo breakfast

We gathered later for more food...the flames are deceiving - they're not burning anything, just making the bacon good and crispy.

And of course brunch and burgers just weren't enough so we had to go get ice cream...

along with half of Kelowna.

How do you end a good day? The same way you started it of course, in the lake...this time trying to cool off a little bit before bed.

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