Saturday, July 21, 2007

Who Dies?!

Well, that's still a mystery, cause I haven't finished the book yet. I decided when we got home at 1:00 this morning that I would put off starting the book until morning. I want the book to last forever because it's the last one, but at the same time, I really want to know what happens. Taking a computer break and not looking at any "unsafe sites" is one of my prolong-the-experience tactics.

I should know better. I have loved rereading the first books so much that I am sure that once I have devoured book seven in its entirety I will be content to reread the series over and over and over.

hp party
The Harry Potter Party last night was a lot of fun. Lots of people had very cool costumes, lots of kids (and grownups too) were very excited to be there. The rain held off from the time we walked through the entrance to the Gardens until we got back to the rock star parking we found for Stacey's car. The mist from all the rain made the garden eerie in a very good way.

There was much discussion about turning off cell phones and hermiting away until the last page of the book is turned by many people who *never* *ever* turn their phones off and can't imagine being disconnected from the world for long. Facebook, online newspapers, other social networking sites, Yahoo, MSN, and email in general were to be shunned. It's amazing the response to a "kids' book!"

waitingAleksandra, Shannon and Alex, waiting patiently

why am I here?"Why am I here?"
"Because, secretly you like Harry Potter and one day you too will succumb and read the books!"

hogwarts expressHogwarts Express

goblin goldAlex tests out the Goblin Gold

getting markedLooks like Voldemort takes many shapes. The lady on the left doesn't look like a Dark Wizard, but she's marking Aleksandra!

aleksandra, scarredAleksandra, scarred

shannon is scarred tooShannon is scarred too

fawkes the phoenixFawkes the Phoenix

trust snapeTrust Snape

dumbledoreDumbledore's come the books!

shannon and alexShannon and Alex

alex and stacey, ready to go home and read the bookAlex and Stacey, ready to go home and read the book

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