Friday, July 20, 2007

Countdown to Harry...

Eight hours and counting. I sure hope the rain goes away in time to see lots of little Harrys, Hermiones, and Rons. Sounds like we're going to the party with a Hermione (and a grump too...someone doesn't like rain!).

I'm very excited to get my new book and spend some quality time in an imaginary world, but I'm also sad that this is going to be the last book. And nervous about who she might kill off this time...oh well, I will enjoy the Harry party and then make sure there is a box of kleenex nearby while I read the book, just in case! And I'll be sure to become a hermit until I'm done. There have been all kinds of warnings today to avoid your email and the internet if you want the ending to be a surprise.

No spoilers here...not now anyway. And if there are later, well, I'll make sure they're very clearly marked.

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