Monday, July 09, 2007

Our new friend Max

Max came to see us last night.

Alex was taking the garbage out when I heard him yelling for me from outside. All of the blinds were closed against the heat, so I went down to see what the problem was and found Alex and Max having a stare off.

Max came over to see me and showed me his doggy license right away, but being late on Sunday, animal control was closed.

We were worried he was lost, but all of the gates into our yard were closed. Which made us worried to let him out in case someone stole him or he got hit by a car. He was a very trusting dog and he really wanted to be buddies with us. I would have gladly kept him, but I was sure that his owners probably wanted him back.

After a few hours of him pacing the yard and coming up the deck steps and the front steps in an attempt to get us to love him, his family came back. It turns out he was locked in the yard next door, but he figured out how to escape into our yard somehow.

Glad I didn't let him go!

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