Monday, July 30, 2007

One...two...skip a few...ninety-nine, one hundred...

That's a lot of sheep. So I should be snoozing by now.

But I'm still AWAKE....

The ceiling is still white.

The alarm clock is going to go off sooner than it was four minutes ago, fourteen minutes ago, forty minutes ago, an hour and a half ago, when I last hit the snooze/light button.

Warm milk is gross.

I've reread the same page in my book six or seven times and I couldn't tell you what happened. Or what happened in the last 50 pages or so. I could make something up and chances are it will so bizarre it could be its own book, not related at all to the one I'm actually reading.

I can't be bothered dragging myself down the hallway and taking a warm bath or shower.

When I close my eyes I see moving boxes and computers with viruses and some bad guy stealing all the money out of my bank account. All 43¢ or whatever negligible amount is in there in the minutes before pay day. Not that that has happened or anything, it's just the insomnia taking hold.


For the past few nights, I've fallen asleep just before Alex has come home from work, only to be jolted awake when I hear the front door open and decide the bad guy now has a key to my house and has come to steal the coffee...he can't have the coffee, I need it to make it to work in the morning!!!!

I know, I know, it's still early for a lot of people, but it's way past my bed time.

Insomnia remedies anyone?

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