Sunday, July 08, 2007

My 81st Birthday Bash

Somehow I went from turning 30 to being 81 because of a picture and comment on Facebook...the party was still great. A bunch of our friends showed up, although it was bit chilly and mosquitoey, so only those who ventured out to the deck where I was sitting got to have their pictures taken (missing people include: Jason, Maria, Warren, JJ, Julia, and Mikey).

Alex sent me away for a loverly massage (thanks!) so he and Stacey could decorate the house.

I came home to the door all decorated and pretty and "30" stuff everywhere in the house.

front doorJust in case you weren't sure which house was ours!

We had to mix our slushy martinis up - apparently it takes two people to do this. These are the best inventions ever - you buy them at Linens 'n' Things of all places, add the al-co-hol and some water and freeze them for a few hours. Instant blender drinks without the mess of the blender!

shannon mixing frozen martinisShannon mixing frozen martinis

stacey mixing frozen martinisStacey mixing frozen martinis

Then my lovely cousins arrived and brought with them the evening's entertainment.



What party is complete without a BeDazzler? Not this party, obviously. We all had to try BeDazzling something.

the BEDAZZLERPretty please can I open the BeDazzler?

nate and stacey don't look too impressed with meNot sure what I'm telling Nate and Stacey, but they don't look too impressed. Probably something to do with BeDazzling them?!

stacey and the bedazzlerStacey getting the BeDazzler ready to go

nateNate says: No, I don't think I need my jeans BeDazzled tonight, thanks. Besides, I don't really think the BeDazzler should be mixed with al-co-hol. It should only be operated below .08.

bedazzled shirtSo I found something else to BeDazzle.

can she do it?Can I do it? It requires a lot of concentration you know!

this requires concentrationSee...lots of concentration

you should try it steve!You should try it Steve!

isn't it pretty?Isn't it pretty?

birthday cake!birthday cake!

the cake is on fire!'s on fire!

the cake is on fire!
beautiful cake from cupcakesbeautiful cake from cupcakes

more beautiful cake from cupcakes
heather stacey and shannonThe girls...they were here early and the last to leave....Heather, Stacey, and Shannon

heather and shannonHeather and Shannon

kissThanks for a wonderful day and a great party Alex!

Clean up time...interesting how the cheese plate looks like it's been attacked, the pizza boxes are empty and in the garbage (no you can't see them in this picture), there are a few chips in the bowl, and the watermelon, raw veggies, and broccoli are still abundantly present...hmmm...go figure!

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