Monday, July 02, 2007

Ready, Set, New Decade!

The clock is creeping closer and closer to midnight which means I am getting closer to starting a new decade.

Right before my tenth birthday, my mom took me to visit Gram, her grandmother, and Gram told me I should celebrate my last few days as a single digit...I wasn't sure what the big deal was and a few days later when I turned 10 everyone kept saying how exciting it was that I was now into the double digits. I thought it was fine, but I was waiting for 13, when I got to be a teenager.

I think the year I turned 20 some friends came from Vancouver to stay for a few days and we hung out in city park and played poker using bulk candy from Safeway. Which worked great until we decided we should eat it too! They left early on the morning of my birthday and then my sisters called from camp to say Happy Birthday. That's about all I remember about that one...I'm sure there was a nice dinner and a cake too...

This year, well, it's just a number. I've had a number of friends jump into their 30s before me, and quite frankly, none of them has died from the experience, so I figure I'll be fine.

This past decade has been pretty incredible...
  • I graduated from university (phew, glad that's over)
  • I lived in London and Switzerland
  • I got a "real" job
  • I learned how to ski
  • I pulled my first all-nighter (and that was AFTER I had my degree)
  • I spent an entire year away from my family
  • I made some super friends as I meandered my way through my 20s - at Pax Lodge, Our Chalet, the corporate entity in downtown Vancouver, Guiding, the university I met so many wonderful know who you are!
  • I met Alex
  • After trying a million different options and thanks to a patient doctor, I found a migraine drug that WORKS!
  • I lived all by myself...not bad for a chicken!
  • I was presented with a Silver Medal of Merit
  • I insisted on demonstrating how klutzy I can be...and have managed to survive with all limbs and fingers still attached and my back mending nicely
  • Alex proposed
Yeah...lots has happened in the last decade. I'm lucky - I've had my wonderful family and friends there with me the whole time. I hope this next decade has at least as many highlights! And unlike my ten year old self, I'm not waiting for some date in the started 30 years ago and I plan to enjoy every day of it comes...and try not worry about the future...because the future will come, whether I'm ready for it or not!

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