Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Potter Madness

This past weekend I picked up our tickets to the Harry Potter party at the VanDusen gardens.

potter passes
We're pretty excited, can't you tell!

But not as crazy excited as some. Last night and well into this morning, Alex and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. We got there and there was a line up of people...a line up...and the movie has been out for an eternity. So long that it's not even going to be at that theatre anymore.

Turns out the line up was for the die hard Harry Potter fans who had been waiting for hours and would be waiting for hours more, just to see the 12:01 show. I'm just not that into Harry Potter.

And I should have guessed that's why they were there, not just because of the big sign, but because a bunch of them seemed to be dressed as wizards and witches.

We're excited about the movie, but I'm far more excited about the book! NINE MORE SLEEPS!

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