Thursday, July 19, 2007

Does a G-rating make me boring?

Too bad if it does...

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My only flagged word is death x1, so obviously this works by scanning the text and not looking at the context and it doesn't dig into archives and I'm not about to check out each page of my blog.

Out of curiosity, I checked out the ratings of some of my daily fixes.
F365G No bad words found
Heddy BearPG
hurt (5x) dead (2x) punch (1x)
what's-her-lipsPG death (6x) gun (2x) suck (1x)
dooceR dead (2x) poop (1x)
Crazy Aunt PurlPG poop (2x) bitch (1x)
Post SecretG suicide (1x)
The Globe and MailG drugs (2x) breast (1x)
Nanny Shanny's 365 site
Gpunch (x1)

Interesting...not sure how accurate though. The most interesting is that two poops and a bitch are only PG, but two deads and a poop make an R rating (I guess my rating is going up as soon as I hit publish!)

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