Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eerily quiet...

I've been sitting near an open window now for a while, hoping that a wonderful breeze will miraculously start blowing and cool me off. It's supposed to stay around 20 all night tonight.

While sitting here, trying not to move so that I don't break a sweat, I was thinking there's no noise.

The upstairs neighbours' usual quiet rumble of conversation isn't there. I know they're home, periodically I hear a floor board creak. I can't even begin to imagine how hot it must be UP's stifling down here.

The adorable cuties next door aren't out playing in the yard, not even spraying each other with the garden hose.

The Greeks aren't screaming at each other.

The television dude across the alley isn't watching television.

I guess it's just too hot. Everyone's doing what I'm doing...trying not to move and contemplating yet another ice cold shower.

I can't wait to go back to least our office is by the ocean and there's a bit of a breeze there.


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