Sunday, July 31, 2011

Airport adventures

A long time ago, before there was J, before there was even Alex in my life, I took a long trip south and spent some time in Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. While I was in Australia and New Zealand, I was very well taken care of by a number of Guiding friends and by a bunch of Guiding people I'd never met before. (In Hawaii I was well looked after by my most awesome Grade 12 English teacher and her husband) So, when I got an email earlier this spring from one of those Guiding contacts about one of her Guides, I didn't hesitate to say yes. She needed a contact in Vancouver so that Caitlin could fly to Vancouver Island for a two week leadership camp. Caitlin is 14 and needed someone to meet her so that she could fly as an unaccompanied minor.

J came with was originally supposed to be a J kind of adventure with a bus ride and a train ride and then the airport followed by another train ride and bus ride, but life happens, so we had to drive.

J made sure she was appropriately dressed for the event.

We made a sign (J's artwork is all over the back and J took this picture)

welcome to canada caitlin

We checked the flight status and discovered it was late, but because we were meeting a UM, we were supposed to be there when it landed. Guess what? Six planes landed in six it was slow clearing customs. We were a little bored.


Then we discovered that J could amuse herself by taking lots of pictures with my phone. This is one of the better shots she took. Yes, it's the floor.

requisite floor shot

After Caitlin arrived, we stopped and had our pictures taken with the moose.

uh huh

J came home with a koala that Caitlin's grandma made for her - it's cute, huh? J loves it!


And now I'm exhausted so it's bed time. Who knew an afternoon at the airport could be so exhausting!

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