Saturday, July 02, 2011

Salmon cakes

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If you’ve been following my menu planning, you might have noticed that Salmon Cakes keep showing up. But one way or another they just haven’t actually made it to our plates. Until tonight.

I had trouble finding a recipe that didn’t have mayonnaise or mustard in it, but I finally ended up finding two (I’m sure there are more, but at that point I stopped looking). One is from Canadian Living and uses canned salmon, the other from Jamie’s Food Revolution and calls for fresh salmon. They’re similar recipes and we decided to try the fresh salmon recipe first (nothing against canned, we just happened to pick up some very lovely, very fresh salmon at the Granville Island Market yesterday).

salmon cakes

They turned out wonderfully! Even though, again, I forgot parsley and had to substitute basil. Oh well, I love basil.

The recipe suggested these were easy to freeze, so instead of eight cakes, I made ten and froze half. Now we have dinner in the freezer for another night. These ones are fried (the Canadian Living ones are baked) and I might try baking them the next time…

Dinner was so good. We’re at the tail end of asparagus season and I’ll be so sad to see it go. It’s one of my absolute favourite vegetables!

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