Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Black Bean "Sliders"

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We weren't sure how many people were planning on coming or how long they were going to stay on Sunday afternoon, so we planned for some more dinner-like appetizers that I figured we could bring out later in the afternoon if we needed them or they could just become our dinner if we didn't.

I didn't really know who was coming to the party, but I did know that there was potentially a bunch of vegetarians, one or two gluten allergies, and maybe a vegan (hi Heddy...that gave you away!). So we stocked up on some of Alex's favourite meat-based, boxed stuff (sausage rolls anyone) and I decided to make some vegan sliders to go with them. I was going to do meat sliders too, but in the end I decided the meat eaters could eat the vegan ones and they wouldn't die. Really.

I searched the internet for burgers that were vegan but also didn't have soy in them. I decided on Emily's recipe at Daily Garnish. Her recipe makes six burgers but I made 16 little ones.

We didn't end up eating them on Sunday - there was so much food and the thought of eating something hot in our sweltering house was just too much. J and I had them for dinner last night. I cooked half of them and froze the other half - I just spread them out on a sheet so they weren't touching and tonight I'll stick them in a bag...yay dinner for another night or two!

black bean burgers
[yeah, yeah, not vegan with that cheese on there, but I'm not a vegan, so it's all okay!]

They were so yummy - even J ate hers (although she took the burger apart and ate the bun, cheese and patty separately - and she removed all the whole beans from the patty first). I put some leftover guacamole on mine and I might use a bit of salsa the next time...yum! I think I'd put in less cinnamon when I make them again...eight sliders meant dinner for me and J last night with leftovers for me and Alex today. YUM!

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  1. ooooh! Looks pretty yummy! Thanks for thinking of me! I'll have to try those sometime!