Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pioneer Picnic

Over 100 years ago, my mom's grandpa came to the Okanagan from Ireland. One hundred years ago he and his brother started the family business that my mom and her sisters run today. We're doing a few things to celebrate this year...the big event is in August, but today the Okanagan Historical Society hosted its annual picnic and the family was recognized.

It was an interesting morning - there has been a lot of rain, so they moved the picnic inside the community centre. We figure there were close to 150 people there...and if you added my age, Alex's age and J's age together, we'd still be younger than the average age in the room!

uncles and nieces
My mom, her sister and their two uncles

styling glasses
J was the starlet with her fancy-schmancy glasses

My great-uncles both told some stories of my great-grandpa's early days in the Okanagan - J went up with my mom, my aunt and uncle, my mom's cousin and my two great uncles to listen...

waiting for cake
...and hang out with the cake. She was amazing and patiently through the speeches for her cake....

eating cake
The ladies from the Historical Society thought J was adorable and gave her the biggest piece of cake they had...with mounds of icing on it...

After the picnic was over we went out to the very cool playground to burn off some of that icing....

with ogopogo
The playground even has an awesome Ogopogo climbing structure...

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