Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It's My Party...

After weeks of birthday parties, this weekend Alex decided to have a half-surprise party for me. He let me know there were people coming over but decided to keep their identities a secret. It was a great group of people from all different parts of our lives and SO MUCH FUN! There were about 15 people crammed into our rather small apartment (I was pining for a yard...) and it was great. There were four little girls and two eight month olds underfoot and I couldn't have been happier. There were definitely good friends and family missing, but until we win the lottery and have a huge house with a yard, I don't expect I'll get to celebrate with all of them at the same time...

Some pictures from the day (the Hipstamatics are courtesy of Aleksandra)

table ready for food
the table waits for food

the table, already laden with food, before all of the food arrived

J is excited there is going to be a party and some of her buddies are coming and there are chips. What could be better?

little girls
Little girls playing together [credit: Aleksandra]

secret sharing
J and Inara sharing some secrets [credit: Aleksandra]

my candle extinguishing helper
my candle extinguishing helper [credit: Aleksandra]

cupcakes cake
my beautiful cake from Cupcakes [credit: Aleksandra]

Alex knows that tulips are my favourite! [credit: Aleksandra]

dirk the genius
check out the eight month old stealing a book to read [credit: Aleksandra]

kissin' cousins
kissin' cousins [credit: Aleksandra]

two generations of girl cousins
two generations of girl cousins [credit: Aleksandra]

What a super day! Thanks for coming everyone....


  1. aww looks like it was so fun!

  2. Looks like it was a great party! Sorry we had to miss it... we were kayak camping with pops.