Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thank you random stranger

Dear stranger who unknowingly spared J many tears,

Tonight we met my mom and sister for dinner. After dinner my mom walked home with us. We had a few bags, a few coats and puppy with us.


This is puppy. Also known as Woof. J got him as a gift two years ago and they quickly became inseparable. I don't think she's spent a night without him. Puppy has been to a bunch of Giants games, some Olympic events and he came on our trip to the Newcastle, London and Scotland.

love me

My mom came in and hung out with us for a while. She got J into bed and they were reading stories when I realized that she didn't have Woof. I went to find him. I couldn't find him. Alex looked. My mom looked. Puppy was gone.

I put J to bed, Alex went on a search and rescue mission. My mom left and back tracked the same way we came home. No puppy. When Alex got home, I grabbed the flashlight and took a look too...Alex wasn't with us when we came home, so I tried to retrace our steps. I walked up the hill. I wandered down Broadway to where we last remembered seeing Woof. I looked in newspaper boxes, on top of mailboxes, under cars. No luck.

I walked the path though the garden that J had run laps around. I looked under bushes and in gutters. I walked back down the hill feeling a bit sad for J. And less than 20 metres from our building? Woof. Perched on a fire hydrant.


Woof is safely tucked into bed with J. J didn't ask for him before she went to bed, but she was up an hour and a half later than usual and was distracted by my mom.

So stranger, thank you for noticing a grungy, bedraggled puppy. Thank you for picking it up and putting it on that fire hydrant. Thank you for recognizing that a puppy in that state is valuable. That a puppy so sad and scrawny looking (click some of those links up there and you'll see him in all his fuzzy, furry glory days) is very well loved. Thank you for keeping the tears out of our house. I don't expect you'll ever see this thank you, but if something brings you to this page, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yours Truly,
A very grateful mommy


  1. oh my goodness...well, you put it out there....even if they don't see this "thank you" they'll feel it, I know it! They have some awesome karma coming their way!

  2. They certainly do...

    Funny little note - we figured J didn't notice the puppy was gone. When I got home, I tucked Woof in with her and we figured she hadn't even noticed he was gone.

    Then on Friday morning I asked her to go get him so we could go to daycare. And she said "Mommy, you didn't know where Woof was." And I said "You mean right now?" And she said "No, yesterday" and then wandered away.

    She's too smart for her own good. She did tell me this morning she didn't need him at daycare today, so maybe we're outgrowing the need-to-have-puppy-glued-to-us-24-hours-a-day stage....