Monday, July 04, 2011

Hello Summer!

After what felt like the longest winter and shortest spring, it looks like summer is here. We're on day four of sun. It's cooler than usual, but I'm okay with that. Last weekend I got excited and did two weeks of menu planning which means I was all ready to post is (and another post) last night - with a few modifications. But then our computer decided to die. But it didn't really die. It turns out it has a virus. So it's off to the doctor and I'm on a borrowed computer until it's fixed - probably later this week...

Last week's menu went off without a hitch...I made two new dishes and Alex made one...and all three will likely make it into our regular rotation. (sorry no picture of Alex's, we all inhaled it too quickly - it was a basil, tomato and Italian sausage fettucine) We had so many leftovers the papaya chicken fell off the menu - probably okay since I couldn't find any nice looking papaya that didn't eat up the bulk of our grocery budget in one gulp!

tuscan tuna and white bean salad

salmon cakes
Jamie Oliver's Salmon Cakes

This week's somewhat summery menu is linked to Menu Plan Mondays at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

Monday: Leftovers from yesterday's birthday party, including the black bean burgers from last week's menu that I made up but we never got around to cooking

Tuesday: Crustless Quiche

Wednesday: Stuffed Peppers with Chickpea Salad

Thursday: White Bean and Basil Salad with Lemon and Garlic Chicken Breasts (Alex's night)

Friday: Leftovers or Rice Salad with Salmon

Saturday: BBQ at Alex's parents' for our niece's 4th birthday (YAY no cooking for me!)

Sunday: Channa Masala with Naan and Brown Rice

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