Monday, May 02, 2011

Escape Week

Last week I mentioned how excited I was to be under budget on our groceries and this week we were again! YAY! Maybe I've finally figured this grocery shopping thing out!

Somehow good scheduling means that we have 4 four-day (work) weeks in a row. Last Friday and Monday for Easter and the upcoming Friday and Monday because Alex decided I needed to go away for Mother's Day weekend...Which mean this is an easy week for a couple of reasons: it's short, by dinner time on Friday we'll be at my parents' house, and we're going out for dinner tomorrow...

Monday: Green soup and grilled cheese

Tuesday: Dinner at a friend's house (taking coleslaw)

Wednesday: Moroccan Chicken

Thursday: Leftovers - it's clear out the fridge time!

Friday: Away

Saturday: Away

Sunday: Away

If you're looking for more ideas (this menu is kind of blah and empty, but I think it will still be tasty...) check out I'm an Organizing Junkie.


  1. quesque c'est 'green soup'
    is Morrocan chicken from the Easy Beans cookbook? If so, that is a good one!

  2. This time green soup is a bunch of baby potatoes, some sad celery, a couple of carrots, some garlic, an onion, a bunch of spinach, half a bunch of parsley and maybe some cilantro. Basically end-of-life-vegetable soup that is really green because of the spinach and herbs. I needed to get rid of everything in the fridge before we go away.

    the chicken is from somewhere was written on a piece of paper shoved in my handwritten cookbook...what's in the one from Easy Beans?