Sunday, May 01, 2011

Let’s have an adventure

19.1 Go on an 10 "adventures" every weekend for a month (Saturday or Sunday or both!)
I changed this. With Alex's crazy schedule I decided we'd do ten adventures in the next year because there is no way we'll do four in a row (now that I've typed that I'm sure we will...whatever, ten is way more fun!)

Two weeks ago we spent some time down at Granville Island and we noticed that Ocean Concrete was having a public open house yesterday.

open house (2)

J is obsessed with cement mixers and big trucks so we decided it was the perfect thing to do on a Saturday afternoon.

It took a while to get there…we had to stop at look at the puppy at the tennis court, but it was worth waiting for.

checking out the puppy

J has been talking about TOUCHING a cement mixer all week! She couldn’t believe “the man” was actually going to let her touch his cement mixer. Boy was she in for a surprise…

The cement mixers are all nicely painted up:


My favourite – the corn cob

arts umbrella

The Arts Umbrella


A strawberry


some “pepperoni” aka asparagus (also an ad for the Public Market)

driving a strawberry

J got to “drive” the strawberry…it was so much fun!

driving a loader

Driving a loader…that bubble is soundproof…

taking daddy for a ride

Taking Daddy for a ride

not sure about the digger

Look at how big the digger’s shovel is! And J got a balloon…what a glorious day!


The flowers were out


The seawall was beautiful


We definitely had fun…what a great way to spend Saturday (Canucks game…not so much fun…)


  1. Great pictures! I bet she was just SO excited! Her hair is sooooo cute!

  2. She's still talking about it! She wants to go back and ride in the corn one, "maybe when the other kids aren't there too!"

    We're definitely going again next year - they had a sand pit set up with play ground stuff made from concrete tubes and plastic piping and colouring and all kinds of stuff.

    I'm glad you like her hair...those bangs are something else...