Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When NOT to go to the grocery store

Many evenings when I pick J up from daycare, we head to the grocery store before we go home. I usually do our big shop for the week on Monday, but we often have to pick up some fresh produce or milk or fish or something at least one other day of the week. The two grocery stores we shop at each have a location that is on our way (or close to it) home.

Today was one of those days. We've been away for four days and we're doing okay in the food department, but we needed some supplies (J was quite upset there were no bananas for her smoothie this morning).

There were still some holes in my menu for the week, but I knew that we needed bananas and blueberries. I had a snack for J in the car. But I also had a migraine. So Coke was on the list, because it's a miracle drug for my migraines. If I catch them early enough I don't need to take the hardcore drugs...anyway.

They say you shouldn't grocery shop on an empty stomach...well...*I* probably shouldn't grocery shop when I have a migraine either...

Three things on the list...should be easy right?

Ummm...no. I spent almost $40.

Because we picked up some strawberries. And I thought maybe my migraine wanted a ham sandwich to eat, so I grabbed some not very healthy white cheesy buns and some ham. I picked up some chocolate. Some baked goods. Some chips. All stuff that wasn't on my list. We came home with TWO bunches of bananas...huh?

So note to self, do not go grocery shopping when you have a migraine. The only extra that would likely have found its way home with us on a normal day would be the strawberries...

Alex was thrilled to have a ham sandwich on a cheesy bun for his lunch tonight...and I'm sure he'll happily take care of the baked goods too!

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