Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week 19: No Mom Jeans or Expired Medications

Wow, those are some crazy mom jeans and some old drugs!

If you ever see me wear mom jeans, please tell me to get rid of them!


Week nineteen questions:

1. Tell me one thing from your purge pile this week that you just can’t believe you were hanging on to. You do have a purge pile don’t you? :)
My painting clothes from last summer. I could have sworn I tossed them when I was done painting. The pants had multiple holes in inappropriate places...

2. Do you have medication in your cabinet older than 1999? Anyone? Anyone?
I do keep coming across expired medication, but there's nothing as old as 1999. I moved back to Vancouver in 2002 after three years of wandering, so that would be the absolute oldest...I think 2007 is the oldest I've found recently. We moved in January and again in August of 2008, so anything old most likely went...

3. What is on your organizing list for this week?
See my post from earlier sure! But it's a long weekend, so who knows what else I'll get in there. If it rains, maybe a few things. If it's nice, probably nothing.




  2. One thing is for sure, I have tons of jeans that don't fit. They may not be mom jeans, but they sure don't make me look good.