Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Germany - Flowers


Postcard from Lejune in Germany

Description: Glück ist das Licht, das unsere schönsten inneren Seiten zum Strahlen bringt
Google translates this to "Happiness is the light that brings our most beautiful sites on the inner radiation."

If your German is better than Google's, I'd love to know what it really says....

This is one of my favourite cards right now (and it matches the blog fairly well too!)


  1. LOL, I asked Kath from "My Funny Little Life" and she said this:

    It means, "Happiness is the light that makes the most beautiful sides inside ourselves shine". The word "inside" sounds strange in the English translation. By meaning, it's the aspects of your personality that are within yourself that start shining from happiness.

  2. Thanks!!! I felt like that's what it was trying to say, but my German is limited to about five words, so I wasn't entirely sure...oh Internet, thank you for getting answers for me in no time at all!