Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week 17: Seasonal clothes switch out

Remember the 52 weeks of organizing challenge? Remember that I started late and then caught up and then was really good at posting weekly? Yeah, I remember that too. And then life happened. We had some holidays. We went away. J got sick.

But I don't feel too bad because some of my good habits stuck. We had company on Sunday for brunch and it took me 20 minutes to get the house ready for them. That includes vacuuming, tidying J's room and cleaning the bathroom. So I'm obviously learning and keeping so good habits.


Week 17, back at the end of April was all about the changing season and switching around wardrobes...I have a bit of a hate-on for clothing at the moment, so I wasn't looking forward to this post [I wrote about needing new clothes over at Get Fit Chicks and when I went to get new clothes, I ended up in the predictable situation of being between sizes...anyway...] I've had some time to reflect and it's all good. I can do this.

Last night I was working in our bedroom *AT OUR DESK* gasp. Unbelievable. Normally the desk is hidden. But it wasn't last night. I needed to be able to take a conference call and use the computer. Usually I sit at the dining room table and J sits at her table and cuts up magazines and glues them back together while I do this work, but last night my sister had offered to take her to the park. I didn't want to be in the dining room when they got home.

Anyway, I just cleared the stuff off my desk and put it on the bed. After the call, I sat at the desk and looked at the room and realized that there are currently two clutter problems with our room. One is paper. The other is clothes. And I've been focusing on the wrong one. If I just dealt with the clothes, the paper would be much easier to sort out...clothes are easy. They're dirty or they're clean. If they're dirty, they go in the laundry. If they're clean they get put away in the (pretty much empty) closet or the drawers or they get put in the donation bag. So tonight, that's what I'm going to tackle. The clothes.

Week seventeen questions:
1. Do you rotate your seasonal clothing? If so, have you done it yet?
Not really. Our closet is big enough for winter stuff to hang at the back in the summer and vice versa. J's clothes are going to be rotated out, but that's partly because she's outgrowing hers like crazy right now.

2. Are you celebrating your accomplishments as you go? It’s so important no matter how big or small the task is you complete!
YES! Because even the small things make a difference.

3. What’s on your list for this next week?

The clothes in our bedroom. And if I get through that, the paper in our bedroom. It was so nice to work at my desk last night and look out at the city as it got dark...much nicer than the dining room table!

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