Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yoga Interruptus

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I’ve only mentioned it a gazillion times, but for the last year I’ve been going to yoga at lunch time twice a week (ideally). Through the Health office at work, we can take advantage of a bunch of subsidized exercise and healthy living programs and yoga is one of them.

I HATED yoga when I started. Downward dog was the bane of my existence. Now, I love yoga. I can tell when I haven’t been able to go twice a week. My body complains when it misses yoga, not just when I go to yoga after too long away.
But I’m not going to yoga this month. Or next month.

Since the beginning of January I’ve paid for more yoga classes that I haven’t gone to than yoga classes that I have gone to. Unfortunately the program doesn’t have a drop-in option available – based on my calendar I sign up for how ever many classes I want in a two month block. Usually this isn’t a problem. I just enter the yoga classes into my calendar as I go. Both of my bosses have been respectful of that time in my week, even though it means I usually take a 75 minute lunch instead of a 60 minute lunch twice a week. I make that up by either staying a bit later or taking slightly shorter lunches the rest of the week.

But we’ve been busy lately. And J and I were both sick a lot in the first three months of the year. So instead of going to yoga, I’ve often had to work at lunch to get caught up and meet our deadlines.

So, I had to take a break. May and June were supposed to be jam packed busy and so far, I wouldn’t have been able to make yoga at all this month, so I’m not regretting it. Even though it’s subsidized, the fee is still a lot to pay for nothing!

But I’m stuck. I miss my yoga class and I don’t know what to do instead. I’ve been trying to do some yoga at home, but that can be hard. I’ve been trying to walk at lunch time, but with Mother Nature getting confuse about the order of the seasons and winter returning a bit prematurely, I haven’t really wanted to go out in the downpours...

Any suggestions? Lunch time or post-toddler-bedtime is the best time for me to exercise. My husband works nights so I’m home alone with the kidlet and can’t exactly go for a walk or to the gym when she’s in bed....

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