Sunday, May 08, 2011

Pizza Night with Bop

Warning: This post is kind of full of pictures of J….

We’ve been at my parents’ house for a few days and last night we decided to have pizza to go with the hockey game. My dad makes awesome pizza dough and we decided on personal pizzas for everyone. J was so excited and really wanted to help!

pizza dough lessons 1

While J gets her hands floured, Bop shows her how to knead the dough

pizza dough lessons 2

pizza dough lessons 3

Patting the dough down (J is not quite ready to punch it down yet…)

pizza dough lessons 4

J isn’t so sure about the gooey dough on her fingers

pizza dough lessons 5

Bop shows her how to roll the sticky bits off her hands (I think this is my favourite picture of the whole event!)

pizza dough lessons 6

Hard at work…

pizza dough lessons 7

Daddy the supervisor

pizza dough lessons 9

this is hard work

pizza dough lessons 10

What are you doing Bop?

making pizza

Creating her very own pizza

I didn’t manage to get a picture of the finished product, but J’s pizza was quite white – no sauce, just mozzarella, a couple slices of mushroom, some chicken, and a couple of slices of pancetta. I’ve never seen this kid eat pizza so quickly (there was a time when she didn’t even like pizza!)

We had a yummy dinner and we’ll be making our own pizzas at home…too bad about the Canucks though.


  1. OMG Shannon...J is so friggin cute! Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's day!


  2. That is so precious...making memories with grandad!!