Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blog Organization...

So, my blog takes I'm sure you know if you have your own blog.

But I don't mind. I do it because it's something I enjoy. But I needed it to take less time. So, I've started keeping a chart and a list...


But there was another little blog related time problem.

The blogs I read. I just eliminated about 35 blogs from my Google Reader. But I expanded my blog roll. I knew I needed to do something about my Google Reader when the computer broke and I had my first computer-free weekend (oh freedom!). I had 430+ new posts when I got a chance to check it on Monday at work.

I'm not sure how many posts this will remove, but I'm hoping it keeps me from spending time reading things I don't need to read! My Google Reader now has the blogs I read every day and a few blogs belonging to friends and family that haven't been updated in a while. They're there in case they update!

I deleted blogs that I routinely skipped over or that annoyed me. Some of the ones that I skip ended up on the blog roll though. There were some blogs that I go to when I'm looking for something specific, but I don't read them everyday. There were some blogs that I enjoy browsing through when I have a few extra minutes, but I'm not going to read them every day. There were some that hadn't been updated in, oh, years. And there were some that I didn't like. I am not good with bookmarks, so if I find something that I think it interesting, I add it to my Google Reader. But I'm not very good at deleting it when I realize that I'm not really interested in that particular blog...

Oh well.

I know this wasn't on my list, but it's definitely my decluttering project of the week. I'm linking it to I'm an Organizing Junkie - she's talking about drawers this week.


  1. I can certainly relate to this post! I have 3 blogs of my own, do a feature every Monday on another and regular guest posts at yet another!

    I've got to where I don't regularly read any blogs in my reader. I generally visit and comment on blogs in return to those who visit me and leave me a comment. With many it becomes a mutual thing.

    I love finding new blogs too so I make it a habit to pick a few to visit from any of the blog hops and challenges I link up to.

    Nice to meet you. I'm a new follower :-)

  2. I need to clean out my e-mail! I keep blogs in folders organized by type, like homemaking, quilting, food, etc. I have another called inspiration where I keep blogs that are particularly interesting, like this one and another called Ana-White that is a woman who builds furniture.

  3. It's amazing how electronic stuff that doesn't actually take up space can clutter our lives! I spent last night sorting out my email and my inbox now has about 20 items in it - all things that I'm either working on or am waiting for a response from someone else to finish. But even though that's more email than I'd like to see in there, I feel better about it now that I got rid of the rest of it!

    @Martha - thanks for dropping by!