Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's happened...

I'm turning into my mom!

I'm not really surprised; I actually kind of expected it, but I didn't expect it to show up the way it did...

We've started tackling the bedroom and I can't believe how many boxes and bags of stuff I've know, the oh-crap-someone's-coming-to-my-house-and-I-didn't-get-all-the-clutter-put-away boxes and bags...They drive me nuts. Because I lose things that way. And for the most part if I'd taken ten minutes to just PUT THE STUFF AWAY, I wouldn't be dealing with this now (and I wouldn't lose anything...).


But, I've been productive today. There's a full bag for the thrift store, a bag of garbage, Alex took a couple of trips to the recycling bin, we shredded almost a whole shredding bin of paper. I found all kinds of weird and random stuff...

Off to bed now...more things to sort tomorrow...


  1. Ha! Every once and a while I find myself saying or doing things that are so my mom or my dad :) What can you do except laugh about it?

  2. I usually realize I'm my mom/dad juuust after I have left their house or vise versa. Some random saying will come out of my mouth and I snap it shut right quick ;)

    I guess since we were both VERY lucky to have such loving and amazing parents it isn't all that bad to turn into them!

  3. I don't really mind too much - because you're right Heddy - I have some pretty amazing parents. I just wish I had inherited something a little less annoying than the oh-crap-someone's-coming-to-my-house-and-I-didn't-get-all-the-clutter-put-away-so-I'll-just-hide-it-in-bags-and-boxes tendency!

  4. I am SO my Mom. In some ways it is good, but in other ways it is scary. Oh well, what can I do? It seems to be inevitable.