Monday, April 11, 2011

Follow Up Fridays a few days late...

My lovely fridge!

It looked like this:

old fridge inside
and the door looked like this:

old fridge door YUCK! I hated this fridge....

So we cleaned it out and got a new one...and it has a light!

new fridge inside
Imagine that...a fridge with a light in it!

The new door looks lovely...

new fridge door
Four weeks have passed and where are we now?

Well...we have more food...the cousins came to visit on the weekend! And we still have a lovely did we do without a light for so long?

inside fridge four weeks later
See this morning's breakfast on the middle right shelf? There's a post about that coming soon...YUMMMMMMM....just wait! (and yes, I know the tupperware is backwards...)

fridge door four weeks later
And the door...with pretty much the same stuff as four weeks ago...And yes, that is a sign that says "Do Not Eat This." Let's just say it's recipe insurance...notes like that mean that the ingredients I need for recipes are still in the fridge when I go to cook.

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  1. My fridge is literally 3 times bigger than my last apartments fridge...I have NO IDEA how I managed before! I can almost live in the one I have now...hee hee...makes me always think I need to go grocery shopping though..never looks full...hmmmm